Put in the work. Learn the material. Do what you learned. Repeat.

1. Confidence Creator by Heather Monahan (most recommended)

Being college educated, I know that there’s a lot of important stuff that they don’t teach in school such as: how to be more confident, how to launch a successful business, or how to get your sh*t together after being fired from your job (AKA your only source of income).

This is exactly what Heather Monahan did. Heather is an exceptional woman who realized how powerful she is after getting fired. In fact, she became so confident and powerful that in a way, she was the one who fired her boss.

Not only did she learn how to become confident, now she teaches others how to do the same via her online course and her book Confidence Creator which you can grab below.

Now, you may be wondering,

“how exactly am I supposed to make more money by reading a book that is not based on how to get rich?

When you become confident, you have the freedom to set your own rates, determine how much your time is worth, how to confidently ask for a raise at work, how to believe in your ability to launch a multi-million business, and last but not least, how to get your sh*t together after losing (or eliminating) your only source of income. Believe me, you can make more money if you learn from Heather.



2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

I wrote about this book in the past, but it just seems to get better every. damn. year.
You know that just when you feel that you have everything figured out, life finds a way to slap the crap out of you, making you say:


Luckily, that’s exactly what this book is about. Sometimes we give too many f*ck about things that don’t deserve a single f*ck to begin with, yet we find ourselves stuck in situations that simply don’t deserve our energy.
The second you stop giving f*cks about those things, you will turn that focus towards yourself and will FINALLY achieve what you struggled to get (like launching a business or getting a side gig).
Don’t want to go to a family get-together? Simply say “no” and don’t give a f*ck about what they say. They’ll talk regardless, so might as well own it and use your time to learn how to make more money this summer.
Get it? Okay. Grab yours below!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

3. The 10 Pillars of Wealth by Alex Becker

What did the rich people do to get to where they are today?
Financial freedom is something that anyone can obtain, but not everyone is willing to make numerous sacrifices to obtain it.
I get that you are frustrated and desperate for results. You want to be that person sitting by the beach, sippin’ on a frozen margarita as you check your bank account balance with a huge smile. But right now, you’re this person:


In this book, Alex teaches you the 10 things you must master in order to actually become wealthy (and stay that way). These include how to focus solely on what gets you paid, getting mentors, and as a sweet bonus, how to start your own business the-right-way. No BS.
Spoiler: You WILL lose sleep.
Grab yours below!

4. The One Thing by Gary Keller

Achieve more by doing less. Say what?
It is nearly impossible to successfully execute all of your ideas if you focus on all of them at the same time.


What Gary emphasizes is the fact that you can achieve your goals and increase your affluence if you focus on one goal at a time, that one thing, and perfecting it. If you want to focus on getting a raise at work or starting a side business, you need to focus on one task at a time.
Distractions such as emails, phone calls, your TV, and even the neighbors outside your door can block your focus and slow you down. Gary will tech you how to block out those distractions and focus on one thing at a time
Grab yours below.

5. You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero


You ARE a badass at making money, and Jen wants you to know that!

Getting wealthy starts with your mindset, which is something I write about a lot. In this book, Jen will switch your brain from: “I want to make more money but I’m stuck” to “b*tch, I own the bank.”
Jen struggled financially in her past, but learned how to boss-up and now teaches other women how to do the same.
Are you ready to boss-up and make more money? Grab yours below.