By workplace expert and #BossinHeels Heather Monahan

  1. The most important thing to remember is you need to dress for the job that you WANT at work not the one that you have. Once you realize this, it is much easier choosing your outfit for work.  If you had been on the fence with an outfit, think of the way your boss dresses and lean that direction over how your peers may dress.  Also, consider dressing to the level of those attending an event or a meeting.  This means if your CEO wears a three-piece suit to meetings, be a bit more professional when he is in attendance.
  2. Dress for your Shape. Don’t get caught up with whatever is the hottest new trend unless that trend is flattering on you.  When you dress for your shape you stick to clothing that makes you look and feel great which in turn allows you to put your best foot forward.  My go to is a wrap dress or pencil skirts with blouses to work, these look great on my figure and let me leave for the day feeling confident.
  3. Wearing too much jewelry, makeup, perfume can be an epic fail. Why take away from you?  Everyone wants to see you and that means keeping jewelry, makeup and perfume to a level that is appropriate for work.  We have all been in an elevator with someone with too much perfume on and no one wants to be that person.  Also, be sure to brush your teeth after lunch to ensure others aren’t avoiding conversations.
  4. If you are going fitted, you need to be covered. In our private lives, many of us like to rock fitted gear because we can.  When you are in the office, things are a bit different.  There is no “hot body” contest going on at work and we need to be sure that we are taken seriously.  If you want to wear fitted attire at work, be sure to cover up everywhere.  I like to wear a fitted turtleneck, leggings and boots in the winter but I promise you the only skin you will see is my face.
  5. Wear the colors that flatter you not the colors that you are seeing in magazines. Fads will come and go and some of them will work for us and some of them will not.  No matter if you are at work or out on the weekends, be sure to pick colors that flatter your face, hair and skin tone.  Years ago I learned that I should wear pastel colors, dark browns and purples.  To this day, if I have a big event, I lean on one of my colors that will make my eyes and skin pop.  Being aware of what colors flatter you and which ones take away from you will help you make the best possible choice each day.
  6. Find clothes that fit you or find a tailor. I have a very petite friend who swears her tailor is the most important person in her life.  Finding clothes that fit you properly can make you look outstanding.  Not everyone will fit in clothes right off of the rack and it is important to have clothes hemmed when you need it.  I have found dresses that I loved that were too tight and have challenged myself to diet to fit in them, every time I end up regretting the purchase.  Buy clothes for who you are today and use a tailor when needed.
  7. Great shoes can make an outfit. You don’t need to purchase every fantastic outfit that you see in a store; sometimes you can just add a pop of color with a great heel to mix it up.  I have a few pairs of shoes that literally steal the show and when I wear them with an all black outfit they command serious attention.  Be sure to shop in your closet and find those shoes you couldn’t wait to buy.
  8. Classic pieces are worth the investment. I have a number of staples in my wardrobe that I have made an investment in.  My favorite suits, leather jackets and winter jackets were not cheap but they last me for years.  My inexpensive clothes are my t-shirts, bodysuits, undershirts and some of my skirts.  Sometimes my more expensive clothes are worn so much that I think they saved me money!
  9. When you need to kick it up a notch for an event call in the pros! When I have a big meeting or am going to an event, I am sure to call in the pros whenever I can.  Getting your hair done will make you feel like a million bucks.  When you take the time to get your makeup done, all bets are off.  Just remember this the next time you see someone looking spectacular, the pros were probably kicking the glam up an extra notch.
  10. A small spray tan in a can will make all the difference. If I don’t have time to get ready and I am in a rush but I need to look good, I grab my spray tan in a can.  This inexpensive solution takes only seconds to apply and can cover any flaws and create cheekbones to last you all day or night.

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