The Monahan Method works. I am living proof.
Heather Monahan is the “Boss In Heels.”  I know her, however, as:  an amazing mother; my personal mentor and coach; a role model for all women; an unbelievable show-stopping beauty; and (as if all of this isn’t enough), an incredibly generous human being.
I was blessed to meet Heather many years when she and I were both fellow business women in Miami, FL. I was immediately drawn to her– she has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and connected.  This is because she is so comfortable in her own skin and unconcerned about impressing or outdoing others.  Her success in business speaks for itself. But it is Heather’s story– who she is, where she came from and the struggles she endured along the way to her success that make her truly one of the most exceptional people I have ever met.
Heather is a natural born leader.  As a “petite” girl with a high-pitched voice, I have often struggled to get my voice heard— especially in the office or board room.  Heather empowers me to have confidence in my voice- and myself.  Her coaching allowed me to finally recognize my worth and leave an incredibly toxic and often abusive professional relationship.  Thanks to her example, her advice and her time (which she donated to me- since I was living paycheck-to-paycheck), I am now in Boston with the job of my dreams and living a life I didn’t even know was possible. And I finally (at 40 years old!) was able to break the six-figure salary mark!!! None of this would have been possible without Heather.
I was absolutely thrilled to learn that Heather has decided to go into business for herself– now even more women will be able to become their own version of the “Boss In Heels.”  At at time when women are still getting paid 80 cents on the dollar, and grossly under represented as CEO’s and on Boards of Directors, I can not overestimate the importance of finding mentors and role models- women who have “been there, done that.”  This can only happen when we empower and inspire each other, as women.  Heather embodies that ideal with the way she lives her everyday life. She is the definition of a “girl’s girl”.
Heather also helped me present myself with strength from “day one” at my new gig. Thanks to her, I have started my “new life” from a position of confidence and respect for myself- and I am widely regarded as THE mentor and role model for the young women at my organization. Like Heather, I take the time to do visioning work with them and give them candid advice (Heather is willing to tell you the stuff you don’t always want to hear- but does it in a way that is empowering, not belittling).
I truly can not endorse Heather Monahan and her company more passionately.  Heather she is the safest investment you will ever make- she is destined for continued greatness and will continue to make hundreds more women- like me- great along the way with her.