There are so many things in life that inspire me. From relaxing scents to sweat-inducing activities to movies that make me want to stand up and cheer, inspiration really is where you look for it.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the things I love in hopes that you’ll discover something new to be inspired about, too.

What’s on your list of things to love?

Thing #1 That I Love: Barry’s Bootcamp

Ok. I know it sounds incredibly hard and yes, it is extremely difficult taking a Barry’s Bootcamp class, but I promise you—it is so worth it. For me, there are a lot of amazing reasons to go.

First of all, when you push yourself harder than you ever have physically, it feels ex-tremely rewarding to complete the class. You realize that you are the only thing standing in your way; once you get out of your own way, you can accomplish whatever you want.

The encouraging words and messages in these classes are also on point. It’s a great way to start or end any day, hearing that you are doing something that 90% of the population never dares to do!

The experience of looking at yourself in the mirror while running has taught me a great life lesson: Stay on your own treadmill. Learning to focus on myself and only be better than I was the day before has been helpful on and off the treadmill.

The other fantastic thing about Barry’s is when you push yourself to your boundaries and then surpass them, you realize you are completely in the present moment. That is when my best ideas come to me, and just one more reason I love Barry’s Bootcamp.