What an amazing and fortuitous opportunity joining your mentoring group. I became fascinated with Heather by reading her posts on LinkedIn, when her mentorship program became available a few months ago, I subscribed so I can get her personal and direct attention, she has many helpful intangible skills and is a game changer.
Heather’s mentorship program is certainly, at a minimum, 1 of the best ever!!
I have enjoyed even greater success recently and I can directly attribute this to Heather’s advice and recommendations. Heather was very accomplished in her past roles and has an impressive background. She has a sincere desire to help others, having an opportunity to communicate directly with her is invaluable.
Her 1 on 1 weekly calls help you recalibrate and puts you on track.  I have been astonished by how much I gained over the last few months, I have collected quite a few new strategies and best tips.
2 of the main components to her mentorship program includes building confidence & courage. Confidence is a voice inside that says “I can” as a whisper, working with Heather, it evolves into a ROAR. Her principles on courage could have been included as a chapter in, “Essays by JFK, Profiles and Courage”.
Work with Heather, she inspires and delivers! It will be one of the most profound life changing and unparalleled experiences you will ever have.