Some days ago I was part of a summit for women in leadership and I didn’t have any expectations but to learn something new. As the speakers started their presentations I started to become more excited and interested then I saw Heather, this beautiful and strong woman who was talking about confidence and how she struggled earlier in her live and I couldn’t believe it, I related to most of the things she was talking about so I decided to buy her book. I was hooked from page 1. Every situation sounded so familiar, I related to most of her stories and I couldn’t believe her story on chapter 12 was exactly as mine. So today I want to thank you Heather for sharing your story because you have inspired me to find the strength I needed to share mine. Confidence Creator is a must read, it’s addicting, it’s amazing, it has a very strong message not only for women but also for men who struggle with finding confidence. I have not only finished it in few days but also gave it as homework to my team. Keep rocking