Heather Monahan’s Sales and Confidence Masterclass was a transformative weekend filled with great content. Just as in her podcast, Confidence Creator, Heather was a “teacher” who was very relatable while she shared her outstanding business acumen generously with her students. 

This Masterclass was a container that Heather created for individuals who were at different stages of growth and from different sectors of industries. I felt like Heather spent the weekend in my home sharing her experiences and insights into people and business. In addition to her proven-to-work success strategies that she provided, Heather taught how to align our mindset, emotions, and actions to impact others and add value whether in the business world or in our communities. She gave systems and tools to excel in business while encouraging us to find those complete lives for ourselves. 

I was able to grow and evolve professionally and personally in Heather’s Masterclass. If you love Heather’s podcasts and books, you should not hesitate to participate in Heather’s courses in the future.