Adversity? Self Doubt? Kill It With “Confidence Creator”!. I’ll tell ya, it should’ve been titled “Confidence Creator for AJ” because it has really made a great impression on me personally. Ms. Monahan breaks down the best advice and serves it into bite-sized stories so the reader can quickly understand the point she is trying to get across.

We’ve all had adversity in our lives and felt sorry for ourselves. The hardest thing to do is to pick yourself back up. A lot of “self help” books and videos make it so difficult and clinical to find a simple answer where Ms. Monahan just GIVES it to you in the simplest way without all the fancy psychological and complicated tricks…because she lived it.

I would strongly suggest this book to anyone facing adversity, especially to my women friends because this book speaks to them directly. Of course, this doesn’t mean the men couldn’t benefit either, on the contrary!